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Mary Follin
Award-winning children’s book author: ETHYR | Advice Columnist: ASK MOM | Online phonics program: TEACH YOUR CHILD TO READ™

Teaching your child to read will surely make the What’s Hot in 2021 list (along with WFH, elastic waistbands, and tiny houses), since this school year has been the weirdest one EVER. Tons of kids have fallen behind; if your kindergartener or first grader sat dutifully in front of a screen all day over the past 9 months, you’re one of the lucky few. Most children struggled to squeeze in a year’s worth of education, and many parents are scrambling to help their kids play catchup.

If your 5, 6, or 7-year-old has not advanced their reading skills, you’re probably…


Yikes. School’s online (sometimes), you’re working (all the time), and your first grader has GOT to learn to read. Guess whose job that is? Okay, technically, that one is on the school. But let’s not get technical here, since it’s your child who suffers if learning doesn’t happen.

So, let’s start with the bad news. In a classroom full of wiggly six-year-olds who have had the craziest, most inconsistent school year EVER, your child’s beleaguered teacher has a lot to do. If for some reason your child slips through the system and manages to get to second grade as a…

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